Nepalese Students’ Association was established in the year of 2009 in the initiation of some highly motivated, dynamic, and energetic personnel with the objectives:

    ● To promote Nepalese culture at Mississippi State University and in local community of Mississippi State.
    ● To encompass all the individuals who share common or unique interests in Nepal, its culture, and the life of Nepalese.
    ● To act as a bridge for cultural and educational exchanges between Nepalese students at Mississippi State University.
    ● To extend help and cooperation to all Nepalese students at Mississippi State University as necessary.
    ● To involve in community service to foster greater unity within the community through social network, and to understand the community better.

From the day of our inception, we have been actively organizing and participating in numerous community services and student activities including Blood drive, Habitat for humanity, International fiesta, and Sports competitions. It is our great honor and privilege for getting these opportunities to work in creating a better environment for international students while serving to our Starkville community. Thank you everyone for accepting us as a part of Starkville Community.

We strongly believe in “Together we can do better”.

[Click here to read view our constitution.]